Educate a Girl. Inspire a Community. Transform a Country.








Educate and empower girls of Rwanda to reach their highest potential.





We believe access to education is the fundamental right for all and not just a privilege for those who can afford it.  We aim to provide a high quality secondary school education for girls in Rwanda, supporting the ‘whole girl’ through a boarding school environment.  We intend to develop a community of learners, which includes students, teachers and parents. 

We support an environment of academic excellence, ensuring that graduates will become inspired young leaders filled with confidence, a love of learning and a sense of economic empowerment to strengthen their communities and foster Rwanda’s growth. 
We will develop a new model for investing in the education of girls in Rwanda which will be rooted in connections to the local community, strengthened by national and international partnerships, and supported by diverse and sustainable sources of income.
Core Values



To create a world where all children, regardless of country of origin, will be socially, emotionally and intellectually prepared to succeed in school, life and in their community. 
To create long term systemic change and opportunity for all children and communities in developing countries through access to high quality education that creates lasting empowerment and sustained independence.  
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