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The Gashora Girls Academy will be financially independent within 7 years of opening.  At the core of RGI’s strategy is the development of diverse revenue sources including: tuition, government support, scholarships, and community business income.
One of the biggest obstacles to success is the failure of schools to secure funding outside of external government, international aid or religious sources. As a result, many schools are subject to the changing priorities and complex bureaucracies of these organizations. Perhaps more importantly, these schools never develop the domestic budget visibility or local community support and pride that are at the heart of almost all successful sustainable educational systems.


Community Business Income

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RGI has partnered with Washington State University’s International Programs Research and Development to assess and implement sustainable agricultural projects in support of the school. In addition to generating income for the school, the land will produce food for student consumption, and a demonstration farm will be utilized as a learning tool for the school and community. RGI is currently in the process of developing sustainable practices across a diverse assortment of agricultural activities.


After this phase of research is completed, RGI and WSU will prioritize which projects have the most potential to generate income for the school and community. RGI is also exploring opportunities beyond agriculture and food science, including hospitality, arts and crafts, and education. The community center is an asset which could be utilized to generate income, through hosting weddings and events, teacher trainings, and other classes.

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