Educate a Girl. Inspire a Community. Transform a Country.


two teachers helping students in the classroom



Rwanda Girls Initiative is developing a unique and replicable model for investing in Rwanda’s growth and development, rooted in the following distinctive elements:









  • Educate Girls in Rwanda: An educated girl invests in her family, community and country. By focusing on girls’ education, we can improve the lives and futures of individual girls, while creating a ripple effect throughout the country.


  • Build Sustainable Schools: The school will be independent from RGI within 7 years of opening. Rather than relying on a ‘traditional aid model,’ we will develop sustainable sources of school funding including tuition, government support, and on-site business income.


  • Form Strong Partnerships: Local, national, and international partnerships will be key to the success of the school. We are building the school in partnership with the local community and government in Rwanda – while bringing in unique resources from international corporations, universities, and non-profit organizations.
Why Rwanda? Rwanda is rebuilding and healing after the devastating genocide with remarkable courage and determination. RGI is confident that an investment in education and development will be successful in Rwanda because of its low corruption, strong and stable leadership, and commitment to education.
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