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Local, national, and international partnerships will be critical to the success of the school. We are building the school in partnership with the local community and government in Rwanda – while bringing in unique resources from international corporations, universities, and non-profit organizations.


RGI has formed a strong partnership with the Rwandan government. The Gashora Girls Academy will adhere to the Rwandan national curriculum, will participate in the national process for student placement, and will receive some government funding. We want the Gashora Girls Academy to be a Rwandan school – we are guests and visitors in their country – and are actively collaborating with the government and community on the design and vision for the school.


RGI also seeks out international partnerships to bring unique resources to the school and community. We have partnered with universities, corporations, and other non-profits in the US who have provided resources in terms of curriculum development, business development, and professional services.
We are incredibly grateful to our many partners who each bring unique expertise and perspectives
to the project. 
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