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Opportunities at RGI


There are currently no open positions at Rwanda Girls Initiative.


We are able to educate girls in Rwanda in part because of the contributions of dedicated volunteers. Volunteers complement the teaching staff by bringing specific skills and expertise, along with their passion and commitment toward the academic and personal growth of the students. Volunteering at the Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology (GGAST) is a unique experience that will allow you to experience the rich and vibrant Rwandan culture, while making a meaningful difference in the lives of Rwandan young women.

GGAST is able to accommodate a limited number of volunteers each school year. We seek volunteers who are able to contribute to the school by tutoring in Math, Science, or English, leading extracurricular activities (including athletics, art, or music) and/or working at the Community Center teaching classes or organizing events. The ideal time commitment would be one school year.

The academic terms in Rwanda run from:

  • Late January to April
  • May to early August
  • Mid-August to the end of October

As a small organization we are not able to sponsor the travel and living expenses of volunteers. We respectfully ask that volunteers raise the costs of their own expenses. The estimated total funds needed are $4,000 - $5,500 for one term, or $6,500- $8,000 for one year.

If interested, send a resume and letter of interest to RGI. Please highlight the contributions you could make to the school through tutoring, leading extracurricular activities, or other areas. Also, indicate your school year preference.