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SeeYourImpact - Become a Champion for Girls Education!

Posted in: Programs  — Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Thank you to our supporters for your continued interest in raising money for Rwanda Girls Initiative!  We are so excited to share with you that today we launched a new savvy way for you to leverage your own generosity with that of others. 

Through our partnership with SeeYourImpact, it is easy to set-up a fundraising campaign to become a Champion for girls education.  The cost of sponsorship is $2,000 per girl per school year.  Sponsorship of a girl at GGA helps to cover the cost of her school supplies, uniform, tuition, housing, meals, health and hygiene supplies.  Now you can become a Champion by setting up a campaign page with the goal of sponsoring one girl.  Send your campaign page to your network of friends and encourage them to do the same....pretty soon, smaller gifts add up and will become large enough to sponsor one girl's education for a year!  Your donation will be recognized on SeeYourImpact, you can share it on Facebook, a picture will be sent to you showing the life you changed, and your friends will be so proud!  Click here to become a champion

Click here for instructions on how to set-up your campaign page.  Please don't hesitate to contact with any questions about setting up your page. 

In addition to becoming a Champion, there is also the opportunity to make a single micro donation through the RGI page on 
SeeYourImpact to help support the girls at the school.  Here you can provide smaller gifts for specific needs at the school.  Every dollar helps in supporting our overall goal of educating girls!  Click here to make a micro donation


Example of a Champion fundraising page:


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