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Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I want to go to school at GGAST?


You should come to GGAST if:

  1. You agree that an all girls school is the very best environment for you;
  2. You want to be challenged by great teachers who will expect much of you;
  3. You want to improve your English speaking, writing and reading;
  4. You want to study PCB, PCM, MCB, MPG, MPC, CEM, or MEG;
  5. You want to learn how to be a leader and learn new skills, talents and interests;
  6. You want to go to school with girls from every possible background; and
  7. You want to have fun (while working hard, too)!


How do I apply to the School?


  1. You must complete the application form and provide all the information requested at the beginning of the application. Finally, you must provide your School Reports for Senior 1, Senior 2, and Senior 3.
  2. Students, be sure to answer the questions on page 3 as thoroughly as possible—we want to know you better and your answers will help us select the most-deserving students.
  3. Deliver the completed application, your Senior 1, Senior 2 and Senior 3 school reports including Term 3, and the required documents that are noted at the top of the application to us here at school, to P.O. Box 993 at the Kigali Post Office or via scanned email to
  4. When you get your Senior 3 National Examination results, call us immediately @0785325431 to inform us of the results. We will make our decisions shortly thereafter.
  5. Students applying for the very few places in Senior 5 must get us all the above information (including the S3 National Exam results) as well as a letter of recommendation from your headmaster or Dean of Studies. Applications from students wishing to be accepted into Senior 5 are due no later than 1 December.


How do you decide who will be selected to enroll at GGAST?


We base our decisions on the following criteria:

  1. Your Senior 3 school report, especially your position in your class;
  2. The quality of your answers on the application;
  3. Your Senior 3 National Examination results; and
  4. Other factors such as leadership potential, extracurricular talents and skills, etc.


What are the school fees?


  1. School fees for 2014 are 450,000 RwF per term or 1,325,000 RwF per year. In addition, the uniform is 50,000 RwF and 8,000 RwF for the student ID and Mutuel de Sante.
  2. Our belief is that everyone must sacrifice for their children’s education; furthermore we believe that you should pay school fees “according to your ability to pay.” This philosophy enables us to enroll a socio-economically diverse class which makes every girl’s educational experience better.
  3. There is, therefore, a very limited amount of scholarship money available to support students whose families cannot pay the full fees. If you believe you might qualify for a scholarship, you should fill out the Financial Aid form which you can get from us. Please provide us with as much information as possible; otherwise, we cannot award you a scholarship.



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