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P.O. Box 325 Medina, WA 98039

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What We Teach

All new Senior 4 (equivalent to 10th Grade in U.S.) students spend at least one week taking all our subjects before they select the combination they will study for 3 years. Currently we offer the combinations which include physics, computer science, biology, mathematics, chemistry, engineering, and geography.

All students study English in addition to their combinations and classes are conducted in English. The goals of the English program are: to develop both “receptive” language skills (reading and listening) and “expressive” skills (speaking and writing); to enhance students’ critical reading skills with increasingly sophisticated subject matter; to encourage students to write for both classes (like General Paper) and for personal enjoyment (such as poetry); and to prepare students who may wish to study in North America or the UK to do well on the relevant university entrance examinations.

As noted all students will select one of the 8 combinations we offer along with the other required subjects: Entrepreneurship, General Paper and Kinyarwanda.

Extra-curricular Programs and Athletics

GGAST believes in the same principles as the Greeks of more than 2,000 years old: a sound mind in a sound body. So we want our girls to learn the habits of good health both at while they are at GGAST and after. We offer both “recreational” or “intramural” sports like jogging, karate and inter-dorm competitions, and we offer competitive sports like football, volleyball and basketball.