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Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology were the winners of the 2017 African Debate Championship, held in Uganda this year! This is a competition normally dominated by boys.

The team of three won the championship, with Natasha Teta Semwaga receiving the Best Speaker award, Nikitah Isabella winning the 3rd best speaker award, and Sylvie Mahoro Wairimu took home the best country speaker award.

Read the full article in the Rwanda New Times

By Gashora student, Kamanda Ange

The Standards Olympiad is an annual competition for middle school and high school students organized by The Korean Agency for Technology and Standards (KATS) together with Korean Standards Association (KAS). The competition is the world's first academic Olympiad focusing on standardization and aims to raise young people's awareness of standards through a series of different activities. Seven countries from different continents participated in the competition including Japan Indonesia, Singapore, Malaysia, Peru and South Korea.

There were 36 Korean teams and 9 international teams from middle school division and high school division that passed the preliminary round. Rwanda was represented by KAMANDA Ange Pascale (me) from Gashora Girls Academy Science and technology, NTWALI Ivan Valery from Petit Seminaire de Rwesero and MUHIRE Beni from Nu-Vision High School who were selected through national competition organized by Rwanda Standards Board (RSB).

The competition started at 9:00 am, and all teams were given same task of lighting (3) rooms of your choice in a house with a simple technology in such a way the light intensity can be adjusted to the room occupant's needs, from low, dim to bright light.(the task given to middle school students was different). Materials were provided to us and we had to come up with an innovative idea of how to use the provided materials and achieve results.

The 1st round was to solve the project task assigned, and on the second round, we had to submit a portfolio and make an oral presentation of the standardization output. It wasn't easy for us because it was our first time to see some of the materials. Nevertheless, we managed to win the silver medal of out of four prizes: Grand Prix, Gold medal, Silver medal and Bronze medal.

The international standards Olympiad was not only a competition but also a potter that shaped my mind to really understand a standardized Rwanda we are creating. This bring me to the products our industries are producing, the services provided, and education we are getting. Industries, companies, and institutions in Rwanda should be able to meet high standards to be able to compete internationally.
Special thanks to the GGAST administration, RSB, teacher Osbert, and teacher Bosco for their support including my science fair teammate Uwase Belyse and Keza Audrey.

Congratulations to the 13 girls who were honored at the Promotion of Girls Education Campaign. The First Lady told community members that we must "ensure girls not only attend school but also find confidence to realize that they are secondary to none, but rather fairly compete with their male counterparts."

Pictured with the First Lady is Gashora S4 student, Khadidja.

Read the full article here

Our girls have brought our "whole girl" education to life, balancing the intense and demanding academic work with our rich co-curricular offerings. They continue to be awarded for their amazing hard work. What follows is a list of just some of the girls' achievements in the past year:

  • The class of 2016, which graduated in October 2016, had 100% of our girls passing the National Exam;
  • Class of '14 graduate was selected for publication in Best College Essays 2016 for her essay, "A Girl with No Country;"
  • 1st place in Rwanda Education Board's (REB) science competition that is geared at encouraging secondary school students to study science, technology and innovation;
  • 1st and 2nd place at National Science Fair Competition;
  • 2nd and 3rd place out of 130 girls at Ms Geek Competition presenting solutions to community challenges;
  • 3 students' named "best in the country" at the MINEDUC science fair;
  • 2nd place in the Country Mathematics Competition;
  • 1st place at KOICA science competition in South Korea;
  • 1 student named Youngest Entrepreneur and Most Popular Business awards in East-African Entrepreneurship competition;
  • 1st place at GOI Peace Essay contest;
  • 1st place at East-African Essay competition;
  • 1st place at The National Young Entrepreneurship Debate Competition;
  • 2 Finalist and 3 Semi-finalist teams in the IDebate Competition;
  • 2nd place and Won Best Debater at National Debate Competition;
  • Presented at FARA (Forum for Agricultural Research in Africa) where the girls received a grant to Gashora Gold from the President of FARA;
  • 82 students attended a week-long agricultural camp;
  • 2 students attended the US Department of State 2016 Pan-Africa Youth Leadership program;
  • Reached finals in the Spring Accelerator entrepreneurship competition;
  • 2 Teams reached semi-finals at Tech-innovation competition;
  • 2nd place at JICA National High School Competition;
  • 1st place at the National High School Public Speaking Competition organized by Girl Up;
  • 1st and 3rd place at HeHe Labs Code Club Programming competition;
  • 35 girls participated in summer programs in Africa and the U.S.

Programs include:

Yale Young African Scholars Program, Rwanda (9)
Yale Young African Scholars Program, Ghana (3)
Yale Young African Scholars Program, Zimbabwe (1)
Yale Young Global Scholars Program, Yale University (4)
Babson College Summer Study (3)
Davidson College Summer Program (1)
Wheaton College Summer Program (2)
Summer Program at New Jersey Institute of Technology (1)
Girl Up Leadership Summit, Washington, D.C. (2)
Brandeis University Summer Coding Academy (1)
Worcester Polytechnic Institute Frontiers Program (2)
UPenn Engineering Summer Academy (1)
South Dakota School of Mines and Technology Summer program (1)
Walla Walla Community College, Summer Internship (2)
US Department of State Pan African Leadership Program (2)

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