CATALYST" is a collaboration of outstanding partners, innovative technologies, inspiring teachers, and engaged students all working together to help educate and inspire girls of Rwanda to reach their highest potential.

Join CATALYST, a dedicated group of supporters, with a monthly donation to to transform, inspire, and educate our Gashora Girls. Each member will receive a Welcome Packet and special student updates. You may also chose to honor family or friends with a gift in their name, to be listed as a Founding Member.


"Nourish" $20 per month3 meals a day for a student.

"Equip" $50 per month Science and technology equipment.

"Inspire" $75 per monthSupport a teacher's salary.

"Transform" $100 per monthPartial scholarship for one student.

Full Sponsorship $210 per month.

Full scholarship for one student. Includes photo and letters from your student.

Your Impact

Your monthly Catalyst membership impacts:

Transformative Education

As a member, you are helping students to receive college-prep “whole girl” STEM education that will provide them market-relevant academic and career preparation, but also teach the most valued skills in the work place - such as creativity, critical thinking, problem-solving and collaboration.

Africa's Growth

Women could increase the income globally by 76% if the employment and wage gap were closed. This is globally a value of 17 trillion. One of the key solutions to these gender disparities is women’s education. Currently only 1% of the population in Africa and 3% in Rwanda are entering college. Increasing college enrollment by 1 year could increase Sub-Saharan African’s long-term GDP by 16%. As a member, you are helping our students be prepared for college and to enter the African job market to address the talent gap.

Rwanda's Growth

Though women make up 52% of the general population they only own 30% of the businesses; yet they manage to contribute 30% of the country’s GDP. Your membership supports our student’s entrepreneurial successes and pursuits as they strive to become both entrepreneurial and thought leaders of Rwanda.

Gender Disparity

Educating girls is one of the most powerful levers to create long lasting, systemic change.Educated women have a greater chance of escaping poverty, leading healthier and more productive lives and raising the standards of living for their children, families and communities.Educated women are more likely to participate in political discussions and decision-making, which in turn promotes a more representative and effective government.

Founding Members

Founding Members

Mark and Kimberly Mecham

Bret Bellard in honor of his wife, Michelle Wise-Bellard

Bruce and Lynn Coffey

Brian and Hillary Carey

Heather and Matt Sobol

Tim and Sherie Bernardez

Bill and Joyce Standing

Cindy Hennessy in honor of Shal Foster

Eric Jensen in honor of Lesley Bunim.

Brittany Miller

Karen Barroso

Liliane Bwakira

Lisette van der Maarel

Carrie Heike

Brad and Trista Campbell

Matt and Pri Levinson

Nohl Martin

Tim and Maureen Wilson

Mike Misner and Sara McDonald

Gary McGill

Caitlin Hwang

Lauren Lawson