Developing Leaders

Our Gashora Girls pursue their dreams with confidence and believe that they will one day contribute to Rwanda’s development. The school program provides many opportunities for leadership training and development: prefects—student leaders in every aspect of school life; founders and leaders of extracurricular clubs and activities such as the French club, fashion shows, and Dear Dr. Rwanda, a community service program where our students tutor children in a nearby Burundian refugee camp. Our girls are also directly involved in the hiring of new teachers, affording them the “customer’s voice” in our operations as well as educating them about effective interview responses which they are then able to utilize in their own university admission Skype interviews.

“When I came to Gashora, I realized anything was possible. I spent my whole life with people who told me I couldn't change anything and my dreams were too big. After becoming involved in projects and running a successful business, I realized I CAN DO ANYTHING. My perception of the world has changed from seeing it as impossible to one with possibilities.”
Christine , GGAST ‘16, Duke University ‘21, MasterCard Scholar

Debate: Rwandan New Times Women of the Year

Rwandan New Times Women of the Year 2014: Gashora Girls Academy debate team – National Secondary Schools Debate Champions

Gashora Girls Academy debate team made history by being the first all-girls school to win the annual National Youth Entrepreneurs Debate Competition. The Gashora Girls Academy Debate team has consistently been the top debate team in Rwanda and has helped debaters build confidence, critical thinking ability and concern for issues facing the country.

Dear Dr. Rwanda

A community service program founded by a GGAST student, Dear Dr. Rwanda pairs our students with children in a nearby Burundian refugee camp for tutoring.

“I see myself working in a lab with epidemiologists all around the world to eradicate the biggest diseases affecting our time.”


Girl Up Rwanda is a UN-sponsored movement uniting girls to change the world. The Girl Up chapter at GGAST was founded in 2013, and Gashora Girls have expanded the initiative to 9 other schools in Rwanda including two poorly resourced government schools in Gashora Village.

“When we go outside of school (GGAST), things really change. When I go home, I am expected to do things my five brothers do not have to do like house chores. I face the same challenges as other girls in Rwanda, but other girls do not even question them. For Gashora Girls, we know what the obstacles are and we discuss them and find solutions to empower us through Girl Up workshops and events.”
Belise Bwiza, GGAST Class of 2015, Smith College Class of 2020

A GirlUp International Night.