Fostering Entrepreneurship & Service

Agricultural Entrepreneurship

Our students are involved in our crop production as well as value added projects such as dried fruit, fruit juice, sports drinks and many, many more. Students benefit from real-world lessons in business administration, economics, and accounting relating to work and learning on the farm, a prime example being peanut butter production, where a group of students, with the aid of the Entrepreneurship Teacher, and RES staff, formed a club. The Club did market research including taste tests of various peanut butter recipes, developed a cash plan, and a production strategy.

Gashora Gold peanut butter is now marketed in Kigali's "best" hotels, and continues to be managed by the student lead club.

Social Entrepreneurship

Armed with the belief that they have a connection to their global community, our students feel a strong sense of responsibility to play an active role in impacting change. Whether addressing gender equality, providing food, clothing and tutoring to children or participating in village projects such as engineering irrigation systems; Gashora Girls seek to make a difference serving over 6,000 hours of community service a year.

One example of a club started to make a difference was Dear Doctor Rwanda. This was the idea of

our Head Girl Keza Latifah who was concerned about health care in Rwanda. She turned to her classmates for help, and Dear Doctor Rwanda (DDR) soon showed immediate impact. The Education for Change program provides tutoring for Burundian refugee children while Hands for Burundi provides food and clothing. Latifah says,

"Gashora Girls Academy has taught me to embrace my potentials. Two years ago, I would never have imagined myself giving back to the community, working with friends, and impacting lives at such a young age."
-Keza Latifah

“I see myself working in a lab with epidemiologists all around the world to eradicate the biggest diseases affecting our time.