2021 Holiday Gift Catalog


It’s that time of the year! As you sit and ponder the myriad of ways you could show your loved ones how much you care, consider giving the gift that keeps on giving and will transform lives!

Have someone on your list passionate about finding solutions for climate change? Poverty reduction? Food insecurity? Better health outcomes? Peace? We have you covered! We know that educating girls changes everything and your gift will create a ripple effect that will carry on for years and generations to come.

Worried that you won’t have something to put under the tree? We have you covered! We will send you or your recipient a beautiful personalized card with your heartfelt message to them.

Enjoy perusing our 2021 Holiday Gift Guide for inspiration and ideas for gifts that will change lives and change the future.

1. Select from the gifts below for a friend, loved one, or even yourself!

2. Fill out the FORM HERE or below, and we will send a beautiful card to your loved one on your behalf.

3. Celebrate that your GIFT will be DOUBLED! Your gift allows girls' dreams to be achieved! Don't miss this opportunity to be part of HER FUTURE!


$50: Can provide textbooks and other supplies to a student.

$100: Can make a difference supporting extracurriculars at Gashora Girls Academy.

$250 OR $20 a month: Can provide internet service for students.

$500 OR $40 a month: Can feed 25 students, 3 meals a day for a month.

$1,000 OR $80 a month: Can pay a teacher salary for one month.

$1,250 OR $100 a month: provides a partial scholarship for a student at Gashora Girls Academy.

$2,500 OR $210 a month: Provides everything a student needs for a year at Gashora Girls Academy.