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Our mission is to educate and empower girls of Rwanda to meet their highest potential; the basis of this belief is rooted in educational equity. We strive to create an environment where girls will be prepared inside and outside of the classroom.

We are able to educate girls in Rwanda in part because of the contributions of dedicated fellows, teacher mentors, volunteers and donors. We have benefited enormously from the contributions of both those who support us financially and others who can support us with short and long-term service at the school.

Before I came to Rwanda, I could not speak one word of Kinyarwandan. I had not yet met future friends like Michael and Jonah—and all my students—but I had read a dozen books about the genocide of Tutsis and Rwanda’s unprecedented recovery. From them, I learned to forgive. Armed with what I have learned about the depth of my own perseverance, as well as my new-found faith in forgiveness, I feel blessed by all that others have taught me. From reading their words, I know that Gashora's students feel the same way." -Anne Shaughnessy

"Sometimes, you go places and you make friends. Sometimes you don’t. But sometimes, on very rare and special occasions, you go somewhere and make a family. At the Gashora Girls Academy I made a family. Yes, I missed my other family in the United States, and I cried when I left them, but I would also cry when I left Gashora, for I would miss all of my sisters just the same. In Rwanda, they say it takes a village to raise a child, but perhaps all it takes is a school." -Jenn Larr