Opportunities At Gashora Girls Academy (Rwanda)


At Gashora, we are inspired by our students huge ambitions and constantly strive to make our programs innovative with outstanding achievements. We are always open to work with like-minded individuals or groups who have exceptional skills and talent and are driven to change the world for girls.

Life at the Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology (GGAST) is a unique experience that will allow you to experience the rich and vibrant Rwandan culture, while making a meaningful difference in the lives of Rwandan young women. Depending on the opportunity you are considering, your experience will be unique. The goal of each of these experiences is to bring your passion and excitement to the school and ultimately support our teachers and students. These experiences will push you out of your comfort zone, and we ask you to keep this in mind as you consider applying.

Life as a GGAST volunteer will challenge you with a series of adjustments, including moving to Rwanda, adjusting to new ways of working and socializing, learning a new language, and eating unfamiliar food. While these may be a part of the excitement and adventure that initially sparked interest in Gashora, the adjustments will require your effort, energy and accommodations. Working at Gashora is an incredible opportunity to dive into a new environment and have an experience that will directly allow you to create change; this is a life changing experience, both for you and for the brilliant students who attend the academy.

GGAST is able to accommodate a limited number of fellows, individuals and groups each school year. We seek volunteers with expertise and clear vision of what our students or staff will gain from their time.

The academic terms in Rwanda run from:

  • January to early April
  • Mid-April to mid-July
  • August to early November

We are thrilled you are considering joining us to volunteer and deeply appreciate the time and expertise that you desire to dedicate. As a small non-profit we are extremely conscious of every dollar we spend and consider ourselves stewards of donated funding. We are unable to sponsor the travel and living expenses of our fellows and volunteers.

The estimated total funds needed are $4,000 - $5,500 for one term, or $6,500- $8,000 for one year. Fellows are provided a small stipend similar to Peace Corps. Short-term volunteers are asked to help pay for their room/board expenses at $40 a day.

For questions email, info@rwandagirlsinitiative.org.

General Individual / Group Opportunities

Outside Special Projects and Individual volunteers

At Gashora, we are inspired by our students huge ambitions and constantly strive to make our programs innovative with outstanding achievements. We are always open to work with like-minded individuals or groups who have exceptional skills and talent and are driven to change the world for girls.

If you are adaptable, take initiative, and excited to work with driven, motivated, and high achieving students, please fill out this application. We will keep your application on record and notify you about roles matching you or your groups skills and experience.

Please note that these applications are accepted on a rolling basis and due to the high volume of applications we receive, we will only be able to contact those that we see are an incredible fit.

(We are thrilled you are considering joining us to and deeply appreciate the time and expertise that you are dedicating to help our students advance. As a non-profit we are extremely conscious of every dollar we spend and consider ourselves stewards of donated funding. It is expected that volunteers in this position will contribute $40/day per person to cover housing, food and support.)

Professional Learning and Development

Our teachers are committed to learning new and innovative ways to engage our students in and out of the classroom. We welcome experienced teachers to provide professional development in the area of teaching and learning.

We invite experienced teachers who are interested in sharing their expertise to consider volunteering at Gashora Girls Academy. Depending on the duration of your stay, your time can be spent working with our teachers and students both in and out of the classroom.

Although we will consider expertise in any area, we are especially looking for teacher development opportunities in the area of experiential and inquiry-based, active learning.

In addition, we welcome development in the areas of:

*Problem-based Learning and Project-based Learning (including but not limited to laboratory activities)

*Differential/Differentiated Learning (related to the achievement gap between students from disadvantaged and advantaged backgrounds)

*Teaching Expressive and Scientific Writing

*Lesson Design

*Incorporating University Preparation and Professional Development in the Classroom

*Discipline-specific Pedagogy

*Developing Effective Assessment Tools

*Teaching for Diversity, Inclusion, and Tolerance—Inclusive Teaching

*Developing Effective Homework Assignments

*Coaching Students for Success for Post-Secondary Education and Beyond


We believe that educating a girl changes everything. Secondary education can transform communities, countries and the world creating healthier communities, stable economies and a safer world. A girl's income can be increased by 10-25% for each extra year of education! There is no better way to transform lives and empower young women but through education.

At Gashora Girls Academy, we work with Rwanda's brightest girls to help foster the next generation of Rwandan leaders, empowering them to create change in their local and global communities.

The Fellowship is a 1-year professional development and leadership opportunity for ambitious, open-minded and passionate leaders to gain experience at a high-impact organization. The program equips Fellows with the knowledge and skills required to be effective agents of change by providing diverse, hands-on learning experiences. It is fully immersive, requiring Fellows to live on campus, which allows for deep integration into the dynamic Gashora community. Fellows are given the opportunity to take on a great deal of responsibility, while being supported by our incredible staff, and will be given flexibility in the first weeks to create specific goals and deliverables for their focus area. We work closely with Fellows to create a highly personalized program that matches their skill sets and passions to actionable projects.

Fellowship Opportunities

Whole Girl Fellowship

Work with our passionate team to develop programs supporting our ambitious student outcomes within the areas of leadership and community. Create new ways to measure and evaluate the impact of our pioneering and innovative programming. We seek to be visionary leaders within the field of girls agency – boldly taking risks, exploring possibilities, and approaching with curiosity as we create a space for girls to inspire change.

University Counseling Fellowship

Personally witness the outstanding achievement of girls in one of the most socio-economically diverse schools in Africa. You will spend your days mentoring students one-on-one, engaging them in group workshops, and teaching classes in college essays, application preparation, and SAT. Work with our ambitious team to find global college and university opportunities for our students. Be a part of the success of our alumnae who are in 26+ countries, have received over 40 million in scholarship funding, and are becoming future leaders of Rwanda.

Storytelling & Communications Fellowship

Spend your days working with students, documenting their incredible achievements and personal journeys through film, photography, and writing. You will also collaborate with the school media club as a mentor, take initiative to develop creative and innovative approaches to our fundraising and communications (in collaboration with our Rwanda and US offices). You will be capturing transformational moments daily, with an organizational impact, inspiring a global community to witness the value and potential in girls.

Sustainable Agriculture Fellowship

Explore the possibilities in the industry that is the backbone of Rwanda’s economy, as our farm seeks to lead in experimental design and production. Mentor the student-lead agriculture club who use the farm as a laboratory and classroom to develop new products and understand business flow. Work with a team to nourish the school, provide opportunities for students to get their hands dirty, develop production and marketing for new products, and transform methods in the local community to improve economic conditions.

Ideal Applicant

Are you the right fit?

We are looking for a diverse group of high-potential leaders from every professional, geographic and socioeconomic background who bring the skills necessary to advance girls empowerment and improve gender parity through education. GGAST Fellows are individuals who are determined to make system-level impact, and are seeking the professional and leadership tools to do so.

What we are looking for:

  • Be in the game. You are passionate about international development and onboard with Gashora Girls Academy's mission.
  • Be an achiever. You can demonstrate standout achievement among your peers and demonstrate a history of impact, commitment and results-driven thinking.
  • Be adaptable. You perform well in changing environments, with a clear desire to do what it takes to improve and develop your skills.
  • Be an effective collaborator that values learning and communication. You proactively maintain relationships in ways that are mutually beneficial.
  • Be able to execute. You set, track, and complete goals without the need for last-minute heroics. You anticipate possible delays and plan around them to maintain ownership and accountability for meeting objectives with high quality and timeliness.
  • Leads with strong moral imagination, personal integrity, and practiced humility.

Timeline & Application

Application Open: Current

Application Close: August 30, 2019

Please send the following:

  • Resume and cover letter
  • 2-3 Letters of Recommendation (at least 2 from professor or employer)
  • Application (Download application and email to: info@rwandagirlsinitiative.org)

Interviews will be a two step process and begin in September. You will hear by the end of September if you are accepted.


Eligibility Requirements

By the start of the fellowship, January 12, fellows must:

-Be 30 years or younger

-Hold an undergraduate university degree

-Be proficient in English, both written and spoken

-Be comfortable living and working in a remote area

We are an equal opportunity employer and value diversity in our organization. We do not discriminate on the basis of race, religion, color, national origin, gender, sexual orientation, age, marital status, veteran status, or disability status.