How We Teach

Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology (GGAST) is a model school of innovative student-centered learning. Students and teachers work in a collaborative fashion to ensure that students acquire the knowledge and skills they must have to succeed on the Rwandan National Exams and to succeed in life. Students are expected to become “masters of their own fate” by working hard and to work effectively in groups. They learn how to ask good questions in class and to take advantage of the teachers’ willingness to offer extra help. Our students develop “meta cognition”—to know how they learn best and to use their strengths to help overcome weaknesses.

Each student is assigned a staff advisor in groups of 12-15 students, and the advisory groups gather every other week. The main purpose of advisory is to provide each student with an adult on campus who pays particular attention to each student’s progress and needs, and to help each girl realize her full potential.