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RGI 5K Run

St. Thomas, eight grader, Sophie Sharp spent the last year organizing a 5K run to benefit the students at Gashora Girls Academy. In May of 2017 Sophie and her mom spent a week with RGI co-founders in Rwanda where she had the opportunity to meet the student she had been sponsoring. When she returned home she knew what she wanted to do for her eighth grade project. Her passion helped bring together the community and inspired us that we all can advocate for girls' education.

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Happy World Poetry Day
Gashora Girls Academy student, Mazimpaka Christelle, defines writing as a tool that can be used by Africans to reach their success. Christelle writes to express herself and believes that science becomes more useful when combined with the reality of life. She appreciates that fact that although she is at a STEM school, GGAST encourages students to find their passions and their voice as part of the whole-girl education. She recently wrote a poem shared below.
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Microsoft Education Exchange 2018

Board Member, Kimberly Mecham, and Gashora Girls Academy, Benjamin Kuradusenge, had the privilege of attending the invite only, Microsoft Education Exchange conference in Singapore. The educators invited were chosen from a pool of 8,000 applicants. Singapore was chosen as the host country due to its highly regarded education system.

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Celebrating Peter Thorp

Our journey to founding Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology (GGAST) began in 2008, and along the way there have been partners and champions that have played instrumental roles in the building, shaping, and success of GGAST and Rwanda Girls Initiative (RGI). But no one played a more pivotal role in laying the groundwork and building blocks than our founding Headmaster of the school, Peter Thorp. GGAST would simply not be what it is today without Peter's commitment, heart and expertise to help us create a model all-girls school.

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