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Taking our Learning Online:  A conversation with our Deputy Head of School

At Rwanda Girls Initiative we are proud of the incredible staff that give their heart, time, and talent each day to help our Gashora Girls reach their highest potential.  Theophile Habiyambere is our Deputy Head of School and Director of Academics at Gashora Girls Academy of Science and Technology (GGAST).  Theophile is responsible for all aspects of teaching and learning and implementing the educational philosophy of the school and promoting a culture of best practice. We are so proud of our leadership team, including Theophile, who have created a community of teachers and staff who continually seek to learn and grow and see challenges as opportunities.  Our teachers and staff have worked above and beyond to meet the needs of our students and continue teaching while are students are at home.   He took some time out of his busy schedule to share how our staff and students have transitioned to online learning.

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Our Alumnae during Covid-19

Hey it's Amy Karuletwa here! As the Alumnae Manager for Gashora Girls Academy and Rwanda Girls Initiative, it is my privilege to engage with our alumnae around the world, assisting them with college transitions, various resources, and internship and job placements throughout their university years. Pretty cool job, huh? The alumnae department is composed of a team of three which includes Elvanie Batamuliza, Yvonne Musime, and myself. Both Elvanie and Yvonne are Gashora alumnae who were part of our inaugural class of 2013. 

As all of you know the world has changed in so many ways in recent months. Because of this, we have been in constant contact with our 621 Gashora alumnae studying all over the world to make sure that all of our alumnae are in safe & healthy environments. Most universities have allowed International Students to remain on campus and have continued to provide food, healthcare and online classes.  The few that did not allow students to stay were able to find housing with host families, classmates or relatives.  We also had a few universities pay for flights for students to return to Rwanda.  These students have been able to continue their online classes and remain in good spirits. 

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Alumnae Highlight:  Orange The World: What we ought to do to be practical activists against Gender Based Violence

Jocelyn Mizero is one of those leaders! Jocelyn is a Gashora Girls Academy 2013 graduate.  After graduation she attended Lafayette College where she earned her B.S. in Biology.  After graduating in 2018 she worked for Tiba Foundation in Kenya where carried out a fact-finding mission to develop an Accident and Emergency Nursing program in an emergency room at Matibabu Foundation Hospital.  After 5 months of service she worked for Tiba in San Francisco as a Development and Communication intern.  This fall she returned home to Rwanda where she is currently a surgery research officer with Partners in Health in Rwanda.  Her passion lies in public health research. 

The following article was written by Jocelyn as she has been inspired by the international campaign, Orange the World: 16 Days of Activism Against Gender-Based Violence.

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Staff Profile:  Gisele Tunga

We holistically develop our students passions, interests, leadership, competitive and entrepreneurial spirits, and athletic pursuits.  This is made possible by all the leadership, administrators, staff and students who give 100% every day to the Gashora community!  

One of these such leaders is Gisele Tunga, one of our support staff who wears many hats!  Enjoy this post written by Gisele. 

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