Volunteer Positions & Application



English Teachers

This one to two year commitment is the most exciting opportunity for volunteering at Gashora. We are looking for passionate individuals who love working with high school girls, are adaptable, take initiative, love reading and writing, and are excited to work with driven motivated, and high achieving students. We provide training, curriculum, room/board and a stipend.

Project/Research Coordinator

This one to two year commitment is an exciting volunteer opportunity at Gashora. We are looking for a passionate individual who loves working with high school girls, is adaptable, takes initiative, has a passion for project design, implementation and research, and is excited to work with driven motivated, and high achieving students. We provide training, curriculum, room/board and a stipend.


Specialist in Residence

This one-two week commitment focuses on passionate individuals who can bring their craft or expertise to the students of Gashora. Your role would entail leading workshops from 1-3 hours a day. Your goal would be to bring passion, excitement and skills within your subject to the students. This volunteer experience is offered at select times during the school year. Please review your schedule and apply at least 3 months before you would like to volunteer. You would be teaching a minimum of one class, but in order to apply you must have at least two options of what you would like to teach.

Specialties we are currently looking to develop with our students are (but not limited to):

  • English tutoring
  • Music/Art/Dance
  • Graphic Design or Architecture
  • Film making/Photography
  • Model UN
  • Fashion Design
  • IT projects/Programming (Ex: Coding)
  • University Prep/ACT prep
  • Public speaking/Debate
  • Creative and/or Essay Writing
  • STEM projects
  • Sports
  • Cooking
  • Electronic and/or Network Engineering

Summer Intern

This ten-week internship program is tailored for university students with a passion for girls' education. Our priority is working with college programs, however, we are open to exceptional independent committed volunteers who would like to participate. The program runs from mid-May to the end of July. Interns will work with Gashora students in their areas of study (keeping in mind that we are a STEM based school). Interns will also be involved in extra-curricular activities, either leading or advising both a sport and a club. Interns must be adaptive, outgoing individuals with the ability to mentor and guide, and who are willing to take the initiative to meet needs. Interns will additionally have the opportunity to develop (collaborating with the school) an effective, useful, sustainable research project that addresses an existing need at Gashora.

Teacher Mentors

This opportunity focuses on retired teachers, teachers on sabbatical, or teachers with a minimum of 5 years experience. This is a minimum 2 week commitment, but is offered anytime throughout the school year. You will be paired with a teacher at Gashora to develop their professional skills, mentor and guide them with a focus on project based learning and a learner centered classroom.

Specialization in the following areas is an asset:

  • Biology
  • Chemistry
  • Physics
  • Computer Science
  • Geography
  • Math
  • Economics

English Tutor

This four week commitment focuses on a one-on-one experience with the students, and can take place anytime throughout the school year. Your goal is to help with English proficiency and outcomes. You would teach from one to four hours a day, and need to have at least some background in English.